Kubota Tree Puller

The post/tree puller is made of 3" x 3" steel tubing. It is also equipped with powerful jaws with 1" steel teeth to take out tall trees at the base without leaving roots or debris behind. It also comes with hoses and flat-faced couplers to maintain more consistent pressure levels as you operate it.Has anyone ever ran a tree/post puller with their MX5800/5200, Grand L 5460/6060 or NX6010/5410 series tractors? We have a lot of honey suckle to clear and I had a skid loader and tree puller that was incredible at pulling it out by the roots but everytime it rained it was 2-3 days before I could get back at it (it was also costing me an arm/leg/kidney to maintain and service) .The unmatched versatility of the Intimidator handles the toughest stumps, posts, rocks, fencerows, and land-clearing jobs. selectively eliminate what you want. Maneuver into tight locations and next to buildings or fences with ease. Remove the complete tree or stump, roots and all.A skid steer tree puller is a must have tool for any tree removal business or operation, and we offer selections from a number of trusted brands. Shop our wide selection of these premium Tree Puller Attachments and see what they can bring to your next project.cl fabrication designs/builds precision skid steer and Loader Attachments Protected by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. EZ Pullers click for full info. Skid steer tree and post puller multi-purpose grasping tool. Jaws are 1 thick AR400 high strength steel;Jenkins Iron & Steel has a selection of skid loader attachments you can choose from. Check it out!Secluded backyard with large pine trees. excellent location. b5053, w/ Onan P022OG engine, S/N: SN5782UIGRA78200 – Kubota.Commercial Tree Pullers from Kubota. filter 3. sort. 2019 ap-stp25 Tree Puller – Kubota SALE. On Sale $1,799.00 You Save $195.00. 2019 AP-STP25 Tree Puller – Kubota. Availability: In Stock: Location: Louisburg, KS Style: Tree pullers usage: newuniversal FOR SKID STEERS: This tree and fence post puller attachment has a universal fit for most skid steer and tractor models, including Bobcat and Kubota. This versatile skid steer attachment lets you take on any landscaping challenge with ease.